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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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close to the area around central park. 88degrees feels like 98 when you factor in the humidity. so here's your view of central park. back that picture out a little bit and look, there are around the southern portion of manhattan also now into brooklyn going into queens. rumbles over staten island. your just about done with this -- you're just about done with this cell. this cell is in ew so north of the heavy rain let's go right now to the mobile weather lab and take a peek at what we're seeing as far as the instrumentation and display on the back of the vehicle. you see how winds are picking up? zoom in tight. you're picking up winds now at 20 miles per hour. gust fronts always happen in the vicinity of a storm.
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for everyone through the nighttime hours. so no changes over the next five days. it's going to be hot and humid. there's that storm chance every day the next five days. more coming up. despite the humidity, plenty of people braved this blistering heat today. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch live on the upper west side with more on how it's going. vanessa? >> reporter: well, dana, we are right now feeling el storms so nearby. you heard lonnie talk about rumbles of thunder. well, look up. we have a storm cloud due site of us so we are not getting rained on but we are certainly hearing the thunder out here. not a lot of sunshine at this point in time but that was not the case earlier today. the sun blared and burned up the blacktop. heat index soared above 100. new yorkers we spoke to didn't
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excessive heat >> offensively hot. it offends my sensibilities that it is this hot >> it feels very muggy. it's very humid. uncomfortable >> too hot for summer >> reporter: why? tell me why. >> because in the wintertime, it's freezing. so everyone wants to be hot >> reporter: that's right. but just not this hot. so i mentioned that we are feeling a little bit of relief out here from the high heat the breeze. just how hot is it at the moment? 92degrees. still feels like let's get it there, about 104. so serious heat. we are 4 degrees cooler than at 5:00. back to you >> thank you a bronx landlord convicted in the death of a tenant held firm today denying he had anything to do with it. ramona moore was a mother of
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in court as the landlord learned his sentence. cbs 2's sonia rincon has the story. >> it's just a relief, a relief to me and all of my family >> reporter: nicole moore says seeing her sister's killer given the maximum sentence lifted a weight off her shoulders. he was found guilty of first- degree manslaughter in the death of his tenant own a rent dispute. today the judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison. >> overwhelming albeit circumstantial >> reporter: moore disappeared in july of 2012 from her home on jefferson place in the bronx. witnesses testified they had seen him threaten her and he confessed to someone that he killed her and got rid of the body. there's no such admission today >> i was wrongfully convicted >> reporter: moore's sister is not surprised he denies it as he did during the trial >> everybody saw through it. i'm glad for that are.
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witnesses, i thank all of them very much for what i every what they did because i understand everybody was scared of him >> reporter: authorities had enough evidence to charge him without a body. he was arrested in 2014. it was just before his trial would begin in april of 2015 that she was finally found. an autopsy revealed skull fractures. hideing the body in the woods of orange county was perhaps the most heinous part of his crime prolong the agony of not knowing for her loved ones. family of what so many homicide victims' family members hold on to and grasp as their only hope, and that is closure >> reporter: moore's family says her two youngest children will suffer most. >> they will never know her. it hurts >> reporter: david davis is their father >> i'm here to take care of them and hope to survive >> reporter: he says justice was served. in the bronx, cbs 2 news, sonia rincon
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for assaulting his wife. the judge wouldn't let him serve the sentences concurrently. new at 6:00, the nypd is looking for the man behind a violent attack in riverside park. investigators releaseing this sketch of the suspect. a 48-year-old woman was walking her dog around 5 a.m. last friday when she says a man first asked her what time it was but then suddenly put her in a headlock. she says she smacked him in the groin to depend him off but he still tried lip so he would let her go. police say the suspect then took off. the battle lines are drawn on the boulevard of death. bike lanes the city says will make the streets safer but locals voted against it for queens boulevard. mayor de blasio is overriding them. hazel sanchez reports from elmhurst >> reporter: clear lines are
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boulevard. residents either like it or they don't.. . >> they may not be on queens boulevard right now because they may not consider it safe >> reporter: she is an avid cyclist. she supports the city's three phase improvement plan to add bike lanes, ramps and other safety upgrades on queens boulevard from roosevelt in sunnyside to union turnpike in rego park. phase one is complete but face two between 74th street and eliot avenue just began. the manager at the italian charities of america on queens boulevard and van loon street says he and neighbors aren't happy. valuable parking along the median outside his building is now gone and replaced by bike lanes. how long does it take you to find parking then? >> now it's very hard. maybe could be 20 minutes, maybe half-hour to find parking. but before it's easy >> reporter: the local
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but mayor de blasio pushed the plan forward anyway saying, quote, i respect those who disagree with us but in the end, the safety of our neighbors and our children is the most fundamental responsibility we have in this work. >> people need to make that concession to either look for parking, walk, take the bus, use mass transit. or be more patient more than anything so that everybody usei ng this community can do it safely >> reporter: now, hazel says whihe parking spaces the department of transportation says their plans show they have also added parking spaces to other parts of queens boulevard. this phase should be completed by the fall new information tonight about the 19-year-old climber who captivated the world as he scaled trump tower yesterday. police identified him as steven rogata from virginia. you watched it here live as he useed suction cups to climb
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there you see as he reached the 21st floor, nypd officers pulled him in through an open window. rogata is now faces charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing. he is in bellevue hospital for a a psychological evaluation an update on a boating collision that left a woman injured. nassau county police say they have made an arrest. this incident happened sunday island park. detectives say a man was speedi ng in a cigarette boat and hit the back of another boat in a five mile per hour zone and then took off. a 50-year-old woman had multiple injuries.. it's usually the last medical benefit any of us receives, end of life hospice care. imagine a dying long island woman's surprise to find out she was losing that care. lou young with the story in bethpage >> reporter: irene olson was
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now. she was given less than six months to live two years ago but stage 4 lung cancer and a debilitating copd haven't beste d her yet >> i'm not going to die >> reporter: on one level that's a problem >> bottom line, she is not dying fast enough >> reporter: what's your life like? what are your days like? >> it's this >> reporter: irene rarely leaves the couch in her daughter's bethpage living room. the drugs, oxygen, equipment, and once a week nurses visit are all meant to ease her passi paid for by medicare. >> i have received a phone call last week. we had aiming. we a meeting, we decided she is stable and pulled hospice with no alternative >> reporter: the industry has a name for this. it's called graduating from hospice care. something that took irene and her daughter completely by surprise. >> the it's very hard on me
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i can't breathe. it's scary >> reporter: medicare rules say hospice is for the actively dying only. terminal means less than of six months to live. according to her hospice provider irene's refusal to keep the schedule means she goes back to her private doctor and supplemental insurance >> this can happen >> reporter: experts we spoke with say it's not a hard and fast rule. >> if the patient is in a gray zone where they are not necessarily declining, but they don't look good, in my opinion, that patient is hospice patient >> reporter: patients who find themselves being decertified for end of end of life care can appeal to medicare. in bethpage, long island, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> hospice providers say being taken off the program is not necessarily permanent. but it can be an inconvenience to very sick people who have to change their doctors and their payment plans until they get close enough to death to requalify. next at 6:00, long islande
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ronkokoma. it useed to be a popular spot but now its shores are littered with garbage. the water is polluted. so why won't anybody clean it up? also pets are like family and now there's emergency help for them too if they need it. we'll tell you about the new ambulance for animals. and coming up on the "cbs evening news"," the obama administration takes a stance on marijuana. scott pelley will tell us about that and more at 6:30. >> the dana, great to be with you. abt either legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal use but today, the federal government refuseed to bunnell and dug in its heels. that and more coming up on the
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taxpayers are fed up tonight with pollution and trash at their once favorite beach. suffolk county residents being told swimming is off limits in lake wrong rock. ronkokoma. who will clean it up? jennifer mclogan reports. >> hard to believe this was a resort area at one time >> reporter: he walked the shoreline of lake ronkokoma, long island's largest
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and trash, beer bottles, needles, nails, even old railroad ties. emotional with memories. >> smelling the hot dogs cooking at the little concessions and what not and people coming in the evening >> reporter: they came by horse and buggy. then trains and model ts, a playground of the wealthy during the roaring 20s and beyond. 3949 pavilions 39 pavilions, gracious hotels >> instead of all these birds, there were people. and every day at the the staff would sweep the whole beach >> reporter: jo clings to her old cabana key and prays for a return to the glory years. how long have you been waiting for action here? >> oh, years. years and years >> reporter: the improvement society is "demanding answers"." who is responsible to clear remains of the historic bookstore that burned or horrible blight that remains on the once famed grounds of the bavarian inn? it's almost too complicated to believe. >> the bottom bottom of the
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islip. the town of brookhaven a portion and suffolk county has a portion and another town >> reporter: the legislator explains with three towns and one county all owning a share, it's been decades of passing the buck passing the buck. finally they are working to apply for a joint grant >> but it's like pulling team. >> reporter: no way people could swim here? >> no. no. >> reporter: oil, too, and blue-green algae. the first of several community meetings to su will be held here tonight. from lake ronkokoma, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> that lake has a circumference of two miles and experts say it will take decades for the lake to be cleaned up volunteers in obama are pitching in to help animals -- in connecticut are pitching in to help animals when they need it most. a group in southwestern connecticut started an animal ambulance service run by the
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they respond to everything from fires where animals were rescued to calls for injured hawks. >> animals have always been a very big passion of mine. and like i said, this is something that fills a niche that didn't really ever exist. >> the free service responds to about is it twelve calls a month. the pet ambulance operates on donations hot for cats and dogs, hot for us, too. lonnie quinn is here with the -- there it is right now! >> on cue >> right here at cbs. so what's going on. okay. all the heat and the humidity resulting in thunderstorms. some of those thunderstorms are real strong ones. not everybody catching the action right now but they are into the vicinity. let me get outside right now. you can see the dark under bellyies of the clouds over new york city. strong storms for some of you. like i said before, not for everybody. 88 feels like closeer to 100
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here your vortex satellite and radar. -- here's your vortex satellite and radar. they are popping in a variety of areas. some north of the area around orange county, some -- there's another rumble here over the city -- also out around, say, mercer county a little north of trenton into hunterdon county, warren county, as well. we have this cell right over portions of the city. you can zoom in tight on that. i've raced the lightning now so we can see how heavy this rain is coming down n portions of queens. it's moving to the east- northeast so elmont is to you at 6:26: there's just one cell. we are not going to be able to there's every one trace them but they are starti ng to bubble. let's check in with the mobile weather lab situated right about here on the other side of the hudson in edgewater, new jersey. matt has the helm out there.
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you see all the instrumentation on the top. vehicle top of the vehicle? let's go down to the monitor. the dew point dictates how muggy the air is. you start getting into the 60- degree dew points or higher you can feel it. >> wow >> i know, dana. they are getting loud those thunder cracks. you get above 72-degree dew point and it's muggy. the dew point -- the column off to your left, okay, halfway down where it says dew point 72.5, now you take a look at the temperature at is 1, 2, 3, 4 categories down, the heat index now, what does that say, matt? 97? and again that's with thunderstorms in the area. this pattern is not going to break. we'll have a southwest flow. it's to stay hot. high humidity. chance for thunderstorms any day across the board for the
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until wednesday you're 90 or above and another heat wave for new york city and the area around >> thank you. otis livingston is with the jets now. steve overmyer is here. steve. >> dana, we're going to metlife stadium where otis will be the sideline reporter for tonight's game and mets skipper terry collins on a tirade after another disappointing loss. hear him next in sports. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members
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nfl preseason it is is here. steve overmyer is here now while otis is out >> couple of weeks after the first practice and it's time to play games. tonight it does get real for they do get their first chance to tackle and hit and opponent for the first preseason game of the year. our otis livingston will be providing sideline reporting for the jets game on cbs tonight. so let's get you out to metlife stadium where tonight, otis, i think is reall y going to set the tone for the preseason. right? >> reporter: that's right, steve. you know todd bowles and the jets have circled this date ever since that devastating loss in week 17 to rex ryan and the bills. a 22-17 setback that got them
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hands but that began a very interesting off season to say the least. that saw wilkerson waiting and finally get the deal he wanted. and the quarterback ryan fitzpatrick speaking of waiting signed a deal at the very last minute before jets imposed deadline. there was intense competition on the practice field. team leaders marshall and revis got into a dustup. they say it was nothing just football. those sort of things happen when you go head to head against the same guys day in and day out. that's why forward to facing the jaguars tonight. >> we have been going against the same defense and our defense is a great one to go against every day because they are so multiple in what they do but to see a defense that's completely different, i think that will be big for us. >> we just want to play hard and decide who can play and who can't >> reporter: we are over an hour away from kickoff the
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on cbs 2 at 7:30. now i'll be on the sidelines with in-game interviews. that's the story for metlife stadium. jets, jags, 7:30. it's hot! i'm telling you. >> you don't have pads on. see you out there on the sidelines alex rodriguez is in the yankees line-up tonight on the eve of his retirement game. he will be the designated hitter batting clean-up finally michael ray richardson one said about the 1981 knicks, the ship be well, it might be time to say that about the mets, the ship be sinking. this was a 9-0 embarrassing loss to the diamondbacks. let's hope it's rock bottom. they couldn't even throw the ball back to the mound properly! the diamondbacks stole four more bases, bringing them to 13 stolen bases in this three- game sweep. that's the most mets have ever given up in a series. fielding an easy ground ball wasn't even easy. six run 6th inning allowed jon niese to seal this one. terry collins had a meltdown after the game not
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else who does! because in las vegas, there's a whole clubhouse filled with guys who want to sit in this room and i'll find 'em. that's all i got to say. [ pause ] >> referring to the aaa affiliate the las vegas 51s. he got a 20-minute closed door meeting with the team afterwards >> good to see that kind of -- >> got to go, guys. sorry. back after this. >> we're out of here. we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races! wine slushees. bonding time. fried everything! there's so many bands. the bands! those pigs are just so cute! cheesecake, on a stick. a rollercoaster! the great new york state fair just got greater. with all new fairgrounds, more rides and more fun.
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here's what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00. i'm maurice dubois in the newsroom. a problem at a cemetery in south plainfield, new jersey. a man passed away last year but the only his grave is a piece of plywood. now his family glands the burial demands his burial >> how to make sure you're in the right spot for tonight's meteor shower. all that and more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00 thank you. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley"," another war of words as donald trump declares president obama founded isis. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: high hopes up in smoke. the obama administration refuses to lift restrictions on marijuana, keeping the federal government at odds with half the states. also tonight, allegations that u.s. intelligence about the war on isis was manipulat didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the united states central command. >> there it goes. >> pelley: road hazards drivers rarely see coming until it's too late. >> i got severely lucky on the highway that no one ran me over or hit me. >> pelley: and fast friends. lochte and phelps. >> win or lose, we're still going to be friends, and that rivalry that we've created is


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